Driving School Novák

Frýdlant nad Ostravicí / Frýdek - Místek

Who I am?

I worked as a military helicopter pilot for almost 25 years. 20 of those years I was an helicopter instructor. In layman´s terms I taught people to fly. I have owned a driving school for the last 10 years and therefore I teach people to drive. I am just doing the same thing all the time. I just went from the few tens of meters above the ground directly to the ground and at the same time I use my rich experience in training people who wanted to learn to DRIVE.

My goal is not just to lead somebody to the exam. Whether you drive a chopper or a car, if you want to survive you  need to learn to drive safely and according to the rules. I am here to help you not only to pass your exams but also to become good and safe DRIVERS.


  • Teaching and training for cat. B of motor vehicles in English in order to obtain Czech DL
  • Assistance of certified English interpreter during the course and on a final exam
  • Conditioning rides to increase riding skills in English


 Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Dvořákova 1269, Beskyd Mountain Academy High School building

 Frýdek - Místek

1091 Potoční street, 2nd floor, office nr. 204 (next to Stolárna Restaurant)

Price list

Course "B - FOREIGNER"

Theory and 28 hrs. of driving lessons in English.

22 500 CZK

Course "B - FAST"

Theory and 28 hrs. of driving lessons done in 5 weeks

27 500 CZK

Course "B - READY"

28 hrs. of driving lessons and a theory in Czech language.

17 500 CZK

Total price list available at branches in Frýdlant n/O and Frýdek-Místek, or upon request to be sent electronically.

Povinné informace

Ing. Pavel Novák AUTOŠKOLA

Baška 365, BAŠKA, 73901

IČ: 01559656

mob.: +420 702 056 091

e-mail: novak-autoskola@post.cz

Registrován na živnostenském úřadě Magistrátu města Ostrava dne 3.4.2013 pod SZ: S-SMO/118694/13/ŽÚ